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Kismon 1.0.1 released

Kismon 1.0.1 was released and makes Kismon compatible with the Kismet versions 2019-08-R1 to 2019-09-R1. If you notice any problems, bugs or have ideas for new features, feel free to open a request on github. Download links and more about Kismon

Kismon 1.0.0 released

Today Kismon 1.0.0 was released, more than 2 years after 0.9.0. The major change is the compatibility with the new Kismet version 2019-04-R1 and at the same time it's dropping support for older Kismet version. You can read the Release and Webui Tour articles on the …

Kismon 0.9.0 released

This is release makes Kismon compatible with the Kismet version 2016-01-R1 and 2016-07-R1 and adds the capability to store and export GPS tracks. Download links and more about Kismon

Kismon 0.8.1 released

This is only a maintenance release, which includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Download links and more about Kismon

Kismon 0.8 released

Changes: Kismon can now connect to multiple kismet servers The GPS track can be displayed on the map Comment column added to the network list Clipboard function added to the network list Support for WPA2 (thanks to krzotr) Save map position on quit (thanks to krzotr) More about Kismon

Kismon 0.7 released

Changes: Migrating to pyGObject Introspection and Gtk3 Migrating to Python 3 More about Kismon

Kismon 0.6 released

Changes: fix for crash caused by invalid GPS data (thanks to krzotr) various text files cleaned up (thanks to Fabian Affolter) More about Kismon

Kismon 0.5 released

Changes: BSSID and SSID can be filtered using regular expressions custom map sources can be used removed python-clutter dependency More about Kismon

Kismon 0.4 released

Changes: Map: switched from libchamplain to osmgpsmap Export: Kismon json, Kismet netxml, Google Earth kmz, MapPoint csv various bugfixes More about Kismon

Kismon 0.3 released

Changes: networks will be saved and loaded Kismet csv and netxml files can be imported the network list can be sorted added a statusbar to the main window the last gps position will be saved added a window to configure the channels in Kismet the signal graph shows a seperate …

Kismon 0.2 released

Changes: Local rendering Signal graphs Config window Battery info Many performance improvements More about Kismon

ggps 0.4 released

Changes: speedup and avoid flickering show an error dialog if the connection to gpsd could not be established More about ggps